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Simply Care Partners' have been providing care for my mother for over a year now and my mother and l consider that they are efficient, polite and caring in their role.


I have been particularly grateful for Ngozi Nmaju's advice and help with regards to particulars and attention to detail in my mother's care. Ngozi has always been ready to step in at short notice to cover emergency issues and to advise on procedures with regard to coordination with other services.


Overall l am quite satisfied and indeed grateful for their good service and informed advice with regard to my mother's care.


Paul Prestidge


On behalf of my mother.




We have been using Simply Care Partners to care for my father for 8 months now. The service we have arranged consists of 3 visits a day to ensure medication administration and meal preparation are maintained.


Our rating for Simply Care Partners with comments on a rate of 1-5 are:


Reliability: 5 - They have never let us down

Professionalism: 5 -

Communication: 5 - Have always kept us fully informed of any issues or problems arising with my father.

Response to emergemcies: Not Applicable as we have not yet encountered this

Liaising with other services: 5 - Very good and pro-active

With regard to the question as to how we found 'Simply Care Partners', we took time sifting through all of the carers in the area via internet and researched what the local authorities and regulatory bodies said about them. We were very impressed with Simply Care Partners' responses to our questions. We felt they were understanding, flexible, competent, quick to reply and not at all pushy.


We are very satisfied with the care provided by Simply Care Partners and with the carer herself. We found her to be a caring, trustworthy and reliable person. A review of the care arrangement has been carried out and we decided to leave these unchanged. Reviews are ongoing.


Linda Milhill


On behalf of my father




The most important thing about care for my aunt is reliability. When carers were organised for my aunt through the council, the carers with a scheduled time of 7:30am could arrive any time between 7:30 and noon. With Simply Care Partners, we can count on them being there at 7:30, I think the latest they have been is 7:45am. My aunt isn't worried about a 15minute. Also at that time a local road was closed due to the winter flooding, so it was understandable.


I am emphasising the point of punctuality because it's important to my aunt. Her carer helps her get out of bed, helps her dress, then wash or help her shower and then cooks her breakfast. My aunt needs help getting out of bed, so if the carer were late she would be stuck in bed. In 5 months (apart from the 15minutes) this has not happened with Simply Care Partners.


Through all of this period, the carers talk to my aunt and get to know her as a person and an individual. She has always been treated with kindness and dignity. I am happy to recommend Simply Care Partners to any one.




on behalf of my aunt

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