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Our Mission

Our mission as an organisation is built upon the principle of recovery, personalisation and social inclusion. We believe that quality of life is important in maintaining the will to return to a meaningful existence after a period of illness.


Simply care partners' purpose is to provide a high quality care and support service that is completely determined by the needs and desires of our service users through promoting their independence, including them in the decision making process, acting on their freely expressed choices and opinion within the regulatory framework and listening to them.


Our goal is to provide home care, domestic care, maintenance care and supported living services to every one irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation in a manner that promotes equal opportunities to ensure that no service user or employee receives less favourable treatment or service.


Our supported living scheme operates on the platform that service users should have the right to choose where they want to live with the right tailored support to help them live as independently as possible.


Our aims


Simply care partners care philosophy is quality, respect, dignity, personalisation, promotion of independence, freedom to make own decisions and inclusion for all.


Our philosophy is effective having been corroborated by strong policies and procedures to ensure that safe and competent service delivery is maintained by the company. The managing directors and compliance manager have joint responsibility of ensuring the updating, implementation and compliance of all policies are maintained to ensure safety for all.


Simply care partners' aims to provide all in one care package to individuals in their own home. We recognise that people are vulnerable in their own home judging by the frequency of bogus callers and we are committed to help you keep safe. We have our own contractors who have been screened through enhanced DBS(CRB) check and other security checks to ensure your safety.


We aim to give you the peace of mind by having a service that will meet all your needs like domestic care, maintenance, supported living and care package.


Our staffs are experienced in all aspects of the service we provide. Our staff’s allocation to every service user is tailored in accordance to their skills to meet the needs of that service user as well as reduce all travelling distances in order to promote good time keeping and attendance. We understand the importance of staff’s commitment and contribution towards the provision and delivery of the service we believe in. Simply care partners is a non-discriminatory company with a strong and strict recruitment and selection policy. Our recruitment and selection policy ensures fairness to all applicants as well as recruit the person most suitable for the job. We welcome applications from all background, disabled, black, Asian and ethnic minority candidates.


At simply care partners, we believe that successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work ensures that our service users, staffs and partners are valued, motivated and treated fairly.


We have an equality and human right legal framework covering employment practices and service delivery to ensure we work within this and avoid discrimination.


In order to meet the company’s goal of delivering high quality service with competent staff, we ensure to train, educate all staffs and induct all new employees in accordance with all statutory and regulatory standards which includes the care quality commission essential standards of quality and safety, national training organisation standards and the health and social care Act 2008.


To ensure we remain compliant, our compliance manager is committed to continuously monitor the performance of our employees and services including auditing all our services. We operate on a system that encourages complaints and compliments as this is an avenue of improving our service and reflects best on the quality of our service. At simply care partners, we take all complaints very serious through feedback and our compliance manager visit service users regularly in their own homes to ensure that our service provision still meets the service user’s needs. This also helps to monitor the quality of our service and to review service user’s package. We encourage service users to  initiate any concerns they have no matter how minor it could be like changing their carer or preferred time without their consent, being kept waiting by their carer without any explanation, being spoken to in a manner that they do not like etc. All complaints reported or identified by our compliance manager during regular visit will be reported and recorded with a comprehensive corrective action plan implemented immediately.


Our objectives


Putting service user and carer at the centre of everything we do – Through service user led approaches and their involvement in the reviewing, delivery and evaluation of our services.

We are committed to provide a wide range of high quality home care to individuals and families in their own homes as well as support individuals to find their own accommodation in a safe environment with the right tailored support of care that suits their needs.


Promote independence, dignity and respect within your home


To ensure that best service is provided to our service users, we aim to provide highly skilled trained, experienced, competent staffs that have been thoroughly screened through crb. Our policies and procedures are written in accordance with the care quality commission standards of quality and safety and the health and social care Act 2008.


We aim to respect service user’s privacy, dignity, choice and preferences at all times by providing a personalised services that are within a person centre approach.

Equality and diversity are integral to all our work and meeting the needs of ethnic minority group.