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Making A Difference

Simply care partners offers a flexible service that realistically meets all your daily living need in your own home. This is another greater alternative to residential home and we will support you re-develop those necessary skills that you need to continue to live independently as you wish.


The ability of having all your support needs in one place inclusive of the ability to support you get your dream home with the right support of care makes simply care an outstanding place to be. We will ensure we obtain service Level agreement for all our properties for our supported living scheme.


At simply care partners, we aim to provide your care support, housing living support, domestic care support and maintenance needs support. Both our care and maintenance staffs are qualified and trained and this approach helps to reduce all bogus callers attempt.


Our trained staffs are efficient and supportive. For your peace of mind and to ensure your safety, we carry out a rigorous screening check for all staffs including our maintenance team. It’s a requirement that all simply care partners's staffs carry their identification card which identifies their name, our contact, their photography and signature.


We understand the importance of a good relationship between our service uers and staff therefore we recognise that in order for this to happen successfully, we will endeavour to introduce all your carers including your emergency carers before commencing your service. We aim to keep the number of your carers to a very minimum.


Better Matches, Putting everything into consideration

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